What Are The Best Gadgets for Working Out

Leaning on modern technology is usually associated with laziness. We can now work, learn, socialise, read books, and do all kinds of activities without ever leaving the comfort of our sofa. However, some apps and gadgets promote healthy living and fitness. In this article, we will be looking at some of the most popular devices that can help you with your workout routines.


Smartwatches are not such a hot topic anymore. They’ve been around for quite some time now, and nobody looks at them as a new wonder of technology. However, Fitbit is not just a regular smartwatch. This clever piece of gadget can measure your heart rate, steps taken, distance covered, and more. It’s a light wearable device ideal for casual joggers and fitness enthusiasts alike. More so, Fitbit has all kinds of smartwatches for different types of athletes. Their new device called “Ionic” is waterproof, and it’s the new favourite gadget for swimmers.


Joggers and bikers love this app called Strava. While you can compare your personal achievements using the app, you can also track other people’s records and compete on the leaderboards. Of course, a standard heart rate monitor and distance and speed trackers are all available too. Just strap your mobile phone to your bike or on your arm and start your workout. The results are stored, so you can always come back and see how much progress you made in the past several months or years.

Pear Personal Coach

Many people need additional motivation when they’re trying to get fit. Having a trainer requires finding the right person and aligning your schedule, which might be difficult and expensive if you’re just a casual jogger. With Pear Personal Coach you will be able to make your workout better with the help of an AI coach who speaks to you through the headphones. The gadget is not just about motivation and data, but also about suggestions on how to improve your personal fitness level.

JayBird Run

Many people like listening to their favourite tunes while running or working out. Honestly, earphones are not that comfortable for wearing during these activities, as they can usually pop-out or just get in the way. That’s why JayBird created specially designed earbuds that are ideal for your workout routine. Apart from having no wires, JayBird Run can gloat with its excelent sound quality that is currently unmatched in the market.

Naboso Yoga Mat

Enough about jogging and biking. Let’s see what’s on the market for yoga nuts. While Naboso Yoga Mat is not technically a gadget since it’s not electronic in any way, it still is pretty high-tech. The mat is made from a special material that properly reacts to different levels of pressure, vibrations, texture, and skin stretches, thus improving your balance and stability during practice.

Under Armor SpeedForm Shoes

Many runners worldwide agree that Under Armor creates some of the best footwear for their needs. The new Under Armor SpeedForm AMP 3.0 are the shoes to have if you like running or sprinting. Apart from being very comfortable, these sneakers are specially designed with dents in the mid-shoe part that allow for more natural movements. A MicroG foam inside is ideal for soft landings on hard terrain.