The implementation of AI in everyday life

Artificial Intelligence has become deeply rooted in our everyday lives, and it will only amplify in the coming years as AI is continuously transforming our daily lives. Simply put, you should perceive AI as autonomous machine intelligence, continuously stuck in the learning process.

The implementation of AI in everyday life is vast, as you have most likely used AI on your way to work, to communicate with your friends online, to make online purchases and so much, much more.

The usage of AI in gambling

You can find many interesting articles on this subject on the blogs of online casinos. Spin Palace Casino, aside from bonus codes, has a great post about how AI will influence online casinos. Betting operators have always been known for using innovative technologies and emerging consumer trends. The most renowned operators have managed to make a smooth transfer from the physical to the digital world. AI has enabled the presence of live dealers that have the ability to interact with players in real-time as they are being bolstered by the RNGs.

AI is often used by gambling operators to improvise customer service. Some casinos have AI which are used to determine consumer behavior as they try to anticipate the player’s needs and puzzle out what drives them to play, change games, or quit.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that AI can also be used to help the humans in making more accurate predictions through a combination of algorithms and numbers.  

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Applications

So far, medical AI has mostly been used to perform clinical diagnoses and recommend treatments. According to some research, almost 86% of healthcare provider organizations, life science companies and tech vendors are using AI. Here are just some of the ways of how AI is being used in healthcare:

  •         Doing repetitive jobs (X-rays, CT scans, analyzing tests are all done much faster, as they are essential for Cardiology and Radiology)
  •         Treatment design (Some AI has been created specifically to analyze notes and reports from a patient’s file and come up with a correct treatment)
  •         Drug Creation (Developing new drugs takes years and billions of dollars spent, and there is a new AI created to scan existing medications to create a perfect cure)

Utilization of AI in airlines

Autopilot mode in commercial airlines is being used for many years, but the definition of autopilot is open for discussion.  Nowadays, autopilots dramatically reduce the involvement of humans, to a couple of minutes only.

AI in banking

Most banks use smartphone apps to reduce the need for customers to deliver the necessary checks physically. AI is also used in banking to determine what types of transactions are fraudulent as the number of daily transactions is far too high for the manual review.