Setting up your very own gaming room

Are you a gamer? Do you like spending hours in front of your computer or a console? Well, one of the ways to enhance the gaming experience is to create a separate room which will be dedicated just to gaming.

Room size

The room should be of medium size, not to take too much space and to have just enough space for all of your equipment.

The sound

Surround system is a must in this case. You can choose either 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 in order to experience the games to the fullest and enjoy every bit of them.

The lazy bag

The lazy bag is a perfect seat for gaming. It should be placed directly in front of your TV. If you play with several other people most of the time, make sure to buy two or three lazy bags for more fun.

The big screen

It goes without saying that the big screen is necessary for gaming. It gives you a much better overview of what is going on and allows you to fill in your side view with the game. There are two options here – a big TV or a projector. The first one is more expensive, but it offers much better quality. The projector naturally loses some of the quality, but it can give you a bigger screen.

The cables

Having a PC only is already enough cables to take care of. A passionate gamer has a lot of other gadgets, and this just means one thing – more cables. Make sure to have all the cables moved somewhere near the wall, so that the people who walk do not step on them or damage them in some way. Also, try to remember the cables by creating a blueprint of a sort.

The console part

Make sure to make space for consoles. They should be kept orderly on a shelf, with each having a separate shelf. Also, it can be tricky to connect them all, so make sure to solve this as soon as you set them. That way, you can just turn them on and start playing the games immediately, without having to reconnect something every time.

The game shelves

Some people like collecting the physical copies of the game. Admit it – the feeling of actually touching your colourful box set for a game is much better than just downloading it. If you collect games this way, make sure to put them in a separate area of your room and keep them in order.

The lights

Lighting plays a vital role while gaming. Ideally, you should have lights that you can remotely dim and turn off so that you don’t have to stop the game and stand up from your lazy bag in order to do that.

The Wi-Fi connection

Everything is connected via WiFi nowadays. Try to have a strong connection in your room for everything to work properly.


As you can see, it is a lot of work to do for somebody who likes playing games, but it is rewarding. Once you sit down in your game cave and start the game with everything perfectly set in order, you will understand that it is worth having a game room for you.