Must Try Extreme Sports for Amateur Adventure Seekers

Extreme sports seem daunting, but they’re not just for professionals or adrenaline junkies with loads of experience. Amateur adventure seekers can do extreme sports as well with proper training and guidance.

It’s important to take it slowly and do what’s appropriate for your level of skill. If you want to experience adrenaline rushing through your body, but you are not sure where to start, take a look at our suggestions.

We’ve prepared a list of sports that will ease you into extreme sports and help you become a true thrill seeker.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is perfect for amateurs because the level of skills required can be adjusted to fit people with a different amount of experience.

Complete amateurs can ride on smoother single tracks, rougher gravel roads, or just explore some paths in a local forest. Those who have a bit more experience riding on two wheels can do some light downhills for starters and progress from there.

When you see mountain bikers perform, they are riding 20 mph down a rocky road, but you do not have to. Take it slowly until you gain more confidence.


Bouldering has a lot in common with rock climbing. The difference is that bouldering is done without any ropes or harnesses. Does that sound even more dangerous to you than rock climbing? It’s not.

Bouldering is usually done on rocks that are not higher than 6 feet, so there is no real danger. Make sure to wear special bouldering shoes and use chalk for extra grip. You’ll see, it’s lots of fun, and anyone can do it!


When it comes to extreme sports for amateurs, snowboarding is probably the most popular one. It includes visiting a mountain resort where you can spend a couple of days in seclusion and recharge your batteries. Therefore, it is very appealing to a large variety of people.

Another reason why snowboarding is great for beginners and amateurs is that you do not necessarily need to buy any equipment. Typically, you can rent it at the mountain resort for a day or a couple of days, which is great if you realize this is not your cup of tea.


If you are an amateur adventure seeker and you love spending time on or near water, rafting is the perfect solution for you. You can do it on tame rivers, or you can do whitewater rafting which is more technically demanding and possibly more dangerous.

Unlike other sports on this list, rafting is a team sport, so you will have the advantage of being in a group of more experienced individuals who can teach you the ropes and help you become better.