Sports-themed living room decor ideas

Are you a sports person? Do you have a favourite team? Do you spend your time on in order to find the best offer to place a bet on the club you love? All of these can be expressed through the way you decorate your living room. The best thing about this type of decoration is that it does not require a lot of money, just creativity and imagination.

The wall paint

First of all, the colour of your walls should be the colours that are often associated with your sports club. For example, if you like Barcelona, you know that the combination of specific shades of red and blue is what your walls should look like. That way, everyone who knows about Barca would immediately be able to associate your living room with the club. Most importantly – you will feel comfortable while watching the TV and cheering.

Pillows and rugs

The same thing goes for pillows and rugs – they should somehow point to the team you like. All of the clubs have their emblems which are sold in the licenced shops. Just go there and buy pillows that will blend with the walls and create a perfect sports-themed living room.

Rugs are very cute when they are sports-themed. They give a special kind of vibe to the whole room and fill it with the cheering vigour. Make sure to place them in front of your TV, so that you can always look at it when you root for your favourite team.

Other decorations

One of the best ways to decorate the living room is to put the jerseys of your favourite sportspeople on your wall. If they are signed – even better. They will remind you of how big fan of that person and club you truly are.

Jerseys are not the only thing for sportspeople – there are various other props that you can use. For example, you can decorate the room with a helmet from an NFL player or use the baseball bat. Most of the time, people opt for various balls – especially the fans of football and basketball. If you happen to love tennis, then a racquet is a must for your living room.


See – it’s not that difficult. If you are a true sports fan, you probably already have some of the things that your favourite sportspeople signed for you. So why not hang them on the wall or find a suitable space for it in your living room. They can be a personal trophy of yours that you can revert back to every time you watch sports on TV and need motivation.

Therefore, go to your nearest club store and start making preparations for a cool sports-themed living room!