Recreational Video Gaming – A Harmless Leisure Activity or a Potential Addiction?

Video games are a relatively new thing. Even though they existed for a while, video games weren’t as accessible as they are today – technology progressed and became cheaper making the video games more accessible which then resulted in a bigger market. Even the most regular games such as the lottery got their modern version with innovations like the PA lottery bonus code. New video game releases have become a lot more frequent and, on top of that, there are multiple platforms where you can play video games, from your phone to your PC or the consoles.  

Nowadays video games are everywhere. But just because you can play them, does it mean that you should? Let’s go through some pros and cons together.


  • Problem Solving and Logical Thinking – Many video games today require the ‘’outside the box’’ approach. Games will teach you how to resolve problems in a short time by being creative which can be especially helpful to children that are still learning.
  • Hand-eye Coordination – A lot of video games, especially FPS (First Person Shooter) genre, you are required to move and shoot at the same time. Usually fast-paced, FPS video games will put your skills to the test. At the same time, they require precise movement and fast reaction time and all that while synchronizing between multiple tasks.
  • Concentration and Memory – Certain video games usually bombard you with information, especially big multiplayer games. At the same time, your brain processes necessary information while discarding the irrelevant deciding what memory should be stored and what you should focus on.


  • Lacks of Exercise and Overweight – Majority of video games requires of you to remain stationary and if you’re sitting, well, you’re not exercising. Eventually, the lack of activity can lead to a child or an adult becoming overweight which poses some health issues.
  • Eyesight – Sitting in front of the TV or the monitor for long periods of time affects your eyesight resulting in, possibly, prematurely starting to lose your eyesight. Even though glasses or lenses are common today, it’s especially problematic in children or those that prefer the ‘’maximum focus’’ by sitting directly in front of the screens.
  • Impact on Social Life – MMORPG games offer the opportunity to play with thousands of people at the same time. However, that shouldn’t be completely replaced by going outside and meeting your friends in person. Some of the video games are highly addictive and reward you more the more time you spend playing, resulting in people slowly distancing themselves from the real world.


People that used to play video games in the past were considered somewhat of social outcasts. As their popularity grew, it became a lot more socially acceptable to play video games. Nowadays, we can safely say that it is perfectly normal and safe and even beneficiary to be a gamer. However, many of the video games can be highly addictive, and excessive amount of gaming can be potentially bad. If you can keep the time dedicated to video games in moderation, then go for it!