How does the advancement in technology affect (cyber) security

The super-evolving digital age impacts the society in numerous ways. The rate of cybercrimes is swiftly growing, and it has been more challenging to protect the confidential information. It creates a big problem as large companies are being hacked despite the best efforts of cybersecurity experts. Each and every day some new data threats are coming out. The hostile hackers are continually conceiving new forms of attack, which suggests that new forms of cyber defense need to be utilized. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, new ways of seeking out cybercriminals have emerged.  

The creation of cybersecurity applications is of the utmost importance when addressing these risks, and some repercussions measures need to be taken.

Corporate security breaches

These breaches mostly occur when hackers exploit the employees through frauds. Skilled hackers can easily find a hole in the corporate security systems and cause a confidential data breach. These cyber terrorists hack employees’ data via emails which usually appear through their organization and which enables the criminals to obtain classified information.  

Social media exposure

Experienced hackers can easily abuse social media through media accounts as much information is shared on social media sites; hometown, addresses, age, birthday, and phone numbers. Some of this information can even lead to a stolen identity. Some applications share your exact whereabouts and enable the hackers to know where you are and where you are not. Showing your precise location can show them that you are far from home base and steal some of your valuable information.

Switch to digital data  

Hard copy information is almost non-existent nowadays. All the classified information is stored on a shared network, which gives a hacker better accessibility to valuable information.  More business sharks opt for cloud computing as it represents an extremely efficient and cost-effective data storage method. Unfortunately, it poses an additional risk of cyber breach.

If companies want to prevent classified data leaks, it is vital for them to implement strong security measures to fight cyber terrorism.

Deep learning

Deep learning technologies, like machine learning and AI learning can significantly improve the systems’ security. AI and machine learning systems need to be fed with the right data on the security problems and they can come up with an appropriate solution, without any human input.

How to stop a cyber bully

If there are no legal repercussions, you have to take things into your own hands. Some of the following tips could help:

  • If you receive an email from an unknown sender, don’t open the message
  • If you have severe doubts that the sender of an email is a hacker, ignore and delete the message as soon as possible
  • If you are spammed continuously from an unknown sender, use email tracking software to find and report the sender to your Internet Service Provider
  • If the content of the message is alarming, contact the authorities


With increased awareness and technological innovations, a cyber-terrorism has gone to the whole new level. Corporations and individuals have to carefully protect their information online, taking all the necessary security precautions.