The future of VR

Most people remember last year’s obsession with the game Pokemon Go, an application played on mobile devices. That was only a mere part of the expansion of virtual reality technology. The immense popularity of the game has shown the investors and programmers that the world is ready for VR.

It will undoubtedly change how we see and experience the world as it will take us to the places we have never gone before.

Virtual Reality Casino

Online gambling is definitely a more convenient method than gambling offline, so it’s no surprise that gambling operators have been very interested in VR. VR could primarily enable the gamblers to walk through a virtual casino, interact with other players or even make playing slots games online more interesting. The goal is to eliminate all distractions coming from the real world and create a completely stress-free environment.

The virtual reality technology has allured the gambling industry to help create a brand new generation of Virtual Reality casinos thus offering a very realistic experience to its users. There are only a couple of casinos using this technology, but if they prove to be popular for online gambling, it is certain that more operators will delve into this technology.

Even though there are a lot of different reviews on this matter, they all agree on one thing – that VR is still in the development stage, and that the expectations for this technology are enormous.

VR innovations

It is certain that VR will require more than just headsets and gamepads. It will be more vivid, more physical as the whole purpose of this technology Is to stimulate senses. By utilizing better touch controls, virtual reality will become more sensory oriented. It will be used for educational purposes also; students will be able to go on a quick excursion to Egypt, let’s say, as soon as they put their virtual reality headsets.

The future of VR in healthcare

VR has a lot of applications for health and healthcare as robotic surgeries are already being performed on a daily basis. VR innovations will significantly improve the quality of life and overall expenses. A couple of hospitals are already using VR technology to perform different procedures such as Foley catheter insertion, putting an IV, wound care, and so on.

VR will be used to improve the human capabilities of both the patient and doctors. It can be used for training also; repeated surgeries can be performed by medical students which will lead to the increase of their skill and effectiveness.  

Not so soon, after all

Unfortunately, we are still years of developing this technology and putting this it to the mainstream. It will take a couple of years before virtual reality makes a game-changing impact. In the beginning, the top VR tools will probably be too expensive for the general public. Therefore, we can only be excited about the future of VR, but we have to realize that it will take more time to take a step further in creating an experience which is more than a passing amusement.