How to gamble recreationally?

Gambling is one of the most popular types of entertainment in the world. People all over the world search for the best betting sites in their area, such as for the great sports betting sites Kenya, UK, US and others. As long as you consider it just entertainment and do not get addicted to it, you are considered a recreational gambler.

If you never gambled before, you probably wondered whether you will become addicted and whether it is possible to gamble recreationally. Well, the answer to that question is rather simple – yes, it is. It is up to you and your character strength.

Do not allow your emotions to take over

New players who gamble are often subject to their emotions. As soon as they win their first game, they immediately start playing more, without thinking it through too much. This creates a gambling addiction, and it takes all the fun in the end.

Therefore, a healthy approach is to be in control of your emotions. Let that instant happiness or sadness cool off until you can think clearly once again.

Sure, the emotions are the essence of gambling, but use them in your favour and do not let them work against you.

Do not invest a lot of money

Control your budget. Recreational gambling means devoting as much money as you are ready to lose. If you lose more than you expected, you might want to stay away from gambling a bit.


The moment you register for an online casino or set foot in a land-based casino, you should know the exact amount that you are ready to spend.

Look at it this way – you are in a casino buying fun. The possible prizes you get are not what you were seeking. You were seeking entertainment, and you got what you deserved.

Set a time limit

Apart from the money limit, there should also be a time limit within which you should play games and gamble. Addiction works in many ways and it need not only affect your budget, but it can also take you a lot of time. There are addicted gamblers who do not spend much money. They just spend time – which is a much more valuable resource. You can notice this when it comes to sports betting which is generally a bit slower type of gambling than casino games.


Recreational gambling means devoting several hours a week or a month to this type of activities. As soon as you notice that you are spending too much time, take a break from gambling and find some other type of entertainment for a while.

Understand that there is no way to beat the system

You will hear a lot of stories about somebody who managed to find the flaw in a specific casino game and earn millions. First of all, exploiting a flaw in a casino is cheating, and you can be sued for that. Secondly, these are mostly just stories as there are not many people who cheated the system in the past.

As soon as you understand that it is not about beating the system and cheating but about having fun will, you overcome the possible pitfall for addiction and start enjoying recreational gambling.


Gambling can be addictive, but only the weak can fall for it. Now that you know this little cheat sheet, you can gamble recreationally and still have the full control of your actions.